Langton by Spilsby (sometimes also known as Langton by Partney) is one of several Lincolnshire villages with the name Langton.  This Langton is the only one in the Lincolnshire Wolds Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and stands at the southern end of this range of gentle hills which runs from just south of the village through into Yorkshire.

The Langton family has owned this village since at least the twelfth century and three generations of the family presently live here.

As with many small rural communities Langton has declined in size in the past century.  In 1891 there were 177 inhabitants, a resident rector, a school, a shop, a forge and a pub (originally called The Fir Tree and later the Langton Arms).   Now there are less than 50 inhabitants and there is no longer a functioning shop, pub, school (this is now the village hall), forge or rectory, and several houses and cottages have disappeared.

The neighbouring hamlet of Sutterby, on the hillside a mile or so to the north of Langton and visible from the centre of the village was part of the Langton estate until the early 20th century.  The parish is still known as “Langton with Sutterby.”

There are church services once a month and a popular candlelit carol service (there are no lights in the church) takes place just after Christmas each year.  The church also hosts two candlelit chamber music concerts in May and September (see Langton Concerts for more information).

Despite Langton’s small population there are thriving activities and information about some of these, as well as some history, is shown in this website.


Updated 14.10.21